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Over several decades, QMP has become a global leader in the manufacture of iron and steel powders. The company was established in 1968 to manufacture iron powder from the high-purity iron produced by our sister company, QIT - Fer et Titane Inc. Rio Tinto, one of the largest minerals and metals companies in the world owns QMP and QIT. QMP's status as a global player in the powder metallurgy industry is further enhanced by our access to QIT and Rio Tinto resources, which have contributed to the development of new products that comply with customer needs worldwide.

Rio Tinto's worldwide operations supply an unrivalled range of minerals and metals providing a firm foundation for long-term profitable growth. Rio Tinto group operations in 40 countries around the world employ some 34,000 people. 
Rio Tinto concentrates on the development of world class, long-life mines and takes a long-term responsible approach to all aspects of its business through a commitment to a sustainable development program. Growth through sustainable development provides the necessary raw materials for economic progress and prosperity into the next century.